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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Problematic Me

After college graduation, I started to have many problems with getting the right job for me. I felt depressed and I belittled myself because I was having a hard time looking for a job. Some companies where I applied rejected me. I felt that the world was against me because it did not give me any favor. Then, I found something on the web about life coaching like life coach Santa Barbara. Positively, after one year, I got a nice job with a high salary. My lovelife also started to grow and my family became well because my father quit drinking alcohol.  

Friday, 24 June 2011

Five Years From Now

My goal five years from now is to have my own house and lot plus a car. I think it will complete my target for my timeframe which is five years. I am now starting to save money for a downpayment. I also like to have my own business to help me in paying those properties. Talking about my future house, I want it to be in a quiet place. There are many available subdivisions and housing communities in our town. I will go farther than that one subdivision that I like located in our town. It is near the beach with the breeze of fresh and cool air. In realtor La Quinta CA properties are more affordable so I have to find one like that.

Bicycling is a good exercise

I usually do bicycling every Saturday and Sunday. However because of the poor weather condition for almost a week now, I just stay at home. When I run a bicycle, it takes me almost one hour going back and forth. There are many rice fields located in our town so I just go there with my bicycle. That bicycle that I use is my father’s; I don’t have a bicycle of my own. Bicycling is my only exercise for now because I don’t have much time to do some activities that can make me physically fit. I work in the office on weekdays and I do my freelance job on weekends. Anyway, I am planning of buying a new bicycle because my father always uses his bike. I like those that are available in bike shop Temecula. I like the colors and forms. I would prefer a blue with silver combination.


Illness is a state of poor health. All living things are prone to sickness; plants, animals and human being. Common illnesses are cold, cough, flu, influenza, fever, headache, toothache, stomach ache and many more. In my case I have allergic rhinitis or hay fever. It is an allergic inflammation of nasal airways. Allergic rhinitis occurs when an allergen is inhaled by a person with a weak immune system. My doctor asked me to boost my immune system by doing exercise, taking balanced diet and enough sleep. Later on I discovered homeopathy; a science of boosting immune system to fight even acute diseases such as cancer, sever flu, intestinal diseases and much more. I will try homeopathy Santa Fe in the near future. Well we have to make sure of our good health.

My Grandmother’s Sickness

My grandma became sick last 2009. We sent her to different doctors but they cannot see any illness on my grandma. Despite of that, she insisted that she was sick, terminally ill. She also felt that she was about to die because of her age. She was 78 years old then. We decided to send her a psychologist; we made the right decision. My grandma’s illness was just psychological. The psychologist advised us what to do, how to treat the patient with that kind of problem and of course, the medicines that she should take. After one month, my grandma became well. We thanked the psychologist temecula. My grandma is now 82 and still strong.     

My Mother’s Depression

My mom experienced depression when I was in university. She had a big problem with my father because he was alcoholic that time. My mother lost her appetite and weight. Also, she was often angry and irritable everytime we spoke to her. It was difficult for us that our mother was like that. So, we talked to our father; we told him not to commit his past mistakes anymore. We made him realize the value of family in one’s life. I know that our father listened to us because he suddenly became good to us. Our plan was, if our mother will continue her depression, we will send her to psychologist like Depression Jacksonville Beach. They have the best psychologists there. However, my father apologized to her so they are happy again. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

I Had Appendicitis

When I was in high school, I experienced a series of stomach pain and vomit. We wondered about my disease and the doctor said that it was stomach ulcer. We asked for a second opinion and that other doctor said that my ailment was appendicitis. Though it was not that serious, he advised my parents to send me to the hospital for medical operation because my appendics was starting to be infected. The operation went smooth and my family heaved a sigh of relief. We thanked God that we were able to surpass that kind of trial. When I was confined in the hospital, I noticed some people in hospital uniform helping the doctors. My mom said that they are hospital technicians. For me, people who work in hospitals are noble. I can see their dedication in their job. When I was young I aspired to be a hospital worker. I want to be proud of myself. Many aspiring hospital workers attend phlebotomy training to get phlebotomist certification. They believe in themselves, in their capability to help others especially the  sick people.   

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Reminiscing while eating yummy snack

I got hungry while blogging earlier and since my mom has a store, I just got my snack from it. Suddenly, I noticed something that I am familiar with, it looks like zebzeb. Yeah it’s zebzeb yahooooooo! Zebzeb was a popular junkfood brand in the 80s, and since I am an 80s kid, I reminisce my childhood days with my mother who was also eating zebzeb with me. Mom said that I got indigestion when I was four years old while eating that because I ate those unpopped grains. For those who are not familiar with zebzeb, it is made of corn popped with cheese powder and shortenings. She said that she brought me to the doctor for some medications.

Another occasion was when our family was watching TV while eating zebzeb, I guess it was 15 years ago. While watching evening program while chatting with each other and eating zebzeb, my father suddenly choked. We were all panicky that time because we thought that our father would die (for lack of oxygen). My mom just hit him at the back of the head to remove the small portion of the corn from his throat whew! 

Enjoying free tastes in the mall

Everytime my girlfriend and myself go to the mall, our feet always drive us to the direction where free taste stalls are. We go to different stalls to try some products like foods, noodles, beverages, cookies and more. After we try eating the free foods and feel almost full, we don’t eat dinner at home anymore (hehehe wise decision). Well, they say that the best things in life are “free” hahaha, and I certainly agree with that. I suddenly think about people with testing jobs. Well, I guess they are lucky because their job is just to test new products and report to their manager, awesome! For me,Product Testing is the nicest job in the world and I want to have a job like that in the future.

Vegetarian pizza

I like vegetarian pizza. There is almost no difference between meat pizza and vegetarian pizza, they almost have the same taste. For vegetarians or vegans, they never allow themselves to eat pizza with meat. They strictly follow their dietary pattern and make themselves more disciplined. However, it is not good on their part not to taste delicious pizza in their whole life so, they thought of making vegetarian pizza. The veg pizza that you can see below is topped with dairy-free vegan cheese, cornmeal, bell pepper, red onions and portobello mushrooms.

There are restaurants for vegetarian people that serve vegetarian foods. My aunt who is a vegetarian just look for vegetarian restaurants San Diego to find the most delicious vegetarian foods.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Acidifying Drinks

I love coffee and softdrinks. I drink coffee 2 to 3 times a day and I drink softdrinks almost everyday. My day is not complete without drinking even a single cup of coffee. I start my morning with a cup in the office sometimes with pandesal. Later on, I experienced hyperacidity caused by regular drinking of coffee and softdrinks. My doctor advised me to minimize my intake of acidic drinks and drink plenty of water everyday. Here is the list of drinks that my doctor prohibited me to take.  

Acidifying Drinks
  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Hard Liquor
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Colas/ Sodas
  • Coffee
  • Soft Drinks
  • Fruit Juices
Since then, I thought of taking foods and drinks with alkaline to balance my acid-alkaline intake. I thought of buying alkaline water machine so that my everyday water intake will be my everyday alkaline intake as well.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Miniature House

I love miniature houses. I like houses and buildings with European, American, and Filipino architecture. Last year I bought a miniature house in one of the famous malls in Ortigas. I plan to have a collection of different miniature houses and establishments with beautiful architecture. I actually aspired to be an architect when I was young but because of demand scarcity for architecture jobs in our country, I chose not to take it. Anyway, going back to the miniature establishments, this one is a woodworks shop.    

Front view

Side view

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My sister’s company

My sister works in a manufacturing company as an administrative officer. Having that kind of position gives her fulfillment in her profession especially now that she handles more company matters. I think it is better when it comes to her career growth, that she has control over more things there because that shows her potential in being a capable and flexible employee. Another exciting task in her job is interviewing applicants. She is always curious about other people’s ideas towards life, career and success. She is able to know them by interviewing the applicants.
One of the questions she asks during the interview is “,”What do you know about our company?”. Positively, she is always surprised with their good response about the company’s reputation. When it comes to buyers, more and more prospective customers patronize the company’s products because of their excellent customer service and reputation management. Indeed, reputation management service helps build their company’s success.       

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