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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Successful Advertisement

When can you say that an advertisement is successful? We often attribute success of an advertisement to the monetary gains from the products or services that we advertised. It is true somewhat but money is the not only the gauging factor of a success in advertisement. For example, you have advertised your new website by posting its title and content in online classified listings; what you’ve done is successful if the web traffic in your site increase. Furthermore, if you post (endorse) your certain product in a social networking site, if your friends there inquire and buy your products then it is successful.

However, advertisement is one of the first steps in opening a business and the most risky one. You put a big percentage of your capital to advertisement but you are still not sure if your products or services will be patronized by people. Before going for a paid advertising, why not try free classified listings? This is not risky because it’s for free. Meaning, you can advertise for free! Goodluck!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I recently had a toothache so I went to the Dentist for some treatment.  My dentist advised me to visit him twice a year for some teeth cleaning because there are certain dirt that cannot be removed completely by the stroke of your toothbrush. Experiencing toothache is not a joke, you have to endure it. When you have toothache, your ear, head and eyes are also painful. That is because of the nerve connecting those organs so if there is one organ that is painful, another organ near the painful one will follow. 

Talking about the time when the dentist extracted my decaying tooth, he had a hard time removing it. He told me that male’s teeth are so hard and the fact that I am tall makes the root of my teeth even long. Good thing my dentist was so patient; he treated me as a friend and not his plain patient. That is the attitude of every Dentist Olympia. Treating patients as their friend is one of the most important factors why they stay long in the dental industry. Not only that, their trusted name in the industry gives them a sense of fulfilment to serve the people.   

Friday, 7 October 2011

Blame it to Pedring

We had a typhoon two weeks ago that brought great disaster in our country; its name is Pedring. Pedring had reached gustiness of 150 kph and 200 kph near the center. Here in our hometown, we had two days of strong winds and heavy rains. My mom’s ornamental plants in front of our house were destroyed as well as the roof gutters. Then, our roof started to leak and drops of water made our ceiling messy and wet. My mother got very problematic about that situation because the leaks affect the living room and their bedroom. After the typhoon Pedring, my mom quickly asked my cousin to get on the roof to fix the problem. However, after a week, another typhoon came and the problem with the roof happened again! My dad said that we need the service of an expert when it comes to roofing like people in roofing allen tx. For many years of experience, I’m pretty sure that roofing allen tx can solve out problem with our roof. We are still in rainy season and we don’t want to experience another problem with our roof.

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Giveaways for Christmas Day

It has been a tradition in the Philippines to give away some gifts during Christmas day. We usually give money, clothes, toys and foods as presents to our friends and relatives. For children we give cash, candies and toys.   In my case, I pack different kinds of candies and chocolates for the children especially for my godchildren. It’s fun to give something to someone during Christmas day because you can see the joy that you give them. However, I have just realized that I give some precious gifts to my relatives and friends on Christmas day. I just remembered that my sister is good in decorating things like boxes and baskets. Also, I will buy faberge to give away to my relatives and friends. Now, I have on my list to give away this Christmas; cash, decorated boxes and baskets, and Faberge eggs. Woohooo!!! I’m excited to give presents this Christmas.    

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Christmas Decorations for our House

Whoa! Christmas is near and I can’t wait for that so even if it’s September yet, my family will already buy Christmas decorations. It’s nice to see your house filled with sparkling lights and decorations because you can feel the season more. So, to be able to feel the Christmas season earlier that the usual, we will put decorations this week. In addition, our house is newly-renovated and my sister is excited to buy a big Christmas tree at the corner of the living room. It was also said in the news that it’s better to buy things for Christmas before December because it’s cheaper. I actually have  a list of what to buy this week.     

1.       Christmas lantern
2.       Christmas tree (to replace our 5-year old one)
3.       Christmas lights
4.       egg faberge

Wohoooo I think we are ready to shop. See you next time guys!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Elegant-looking Living Room

My cousin’s house is newly built. It was built last year when she sold her old house in Metro Manila. After that, she decided to destroy their old house here in Naic, Cavite then build a new and bigger one. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (there is one bathroom per bedroom). It is a 3-storey house that has service area at the top (it is actually a multi-purpose area) where they can hold a party or wash clothes LOL! However, since the house is so big and it is newly-built, it looks empty inside because of just few things that are displayed and equipped. It’s not a joke to buy furniture and appliances for a big house; you have to have a big amount of money when you do that. Since their living room cabinet is empty, my cousin plans to buy some figurines and Faberge eggs. There are faberge egg for sale in the mall available and she will buy some next month; perfect for their elegant-looking living room.      

Walking in the Mall

My girlfriend and I like walking in the mall to spend our free time. It is indeed one of our favorite “hobbies” because we can see different kinds of merchandise in wide variety. My girlfriend is addicted to window shopping. Once she sees any merchandise that concerns women, she will definitely scrutinize it for a while then transfer to another stall and scrutinize again. We can spend a total of 2 hours by just checking the merchandise and products that she likes. I have noticed that she check mostly the jewelleries. But when I asked her if she likes one, she says “no”. But when I asked her best friend what does her friend (my girlfriend) likes, she told me that it is a necklace. So, I’ve decided to buy her a necklace with faberge pendants. How do I know that it is faberge pendants that she likes? Well, I got to know it just by observing what she looks at. So, on her birthday (December 19) I’ll surely buy her one.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No One is Above the Law

This phrase “no one is above the law” seems like a cliché but indeed it is true that the law excuses no one. That is why I still believe that the laws in our country have teeth and will continue to bite and chew anyone, rich or poor, so long as they have breached the laws. When I was a child, my greatest dream was to become a lawyer. However, due to my family’s financial problems, I wasn’t able to study law. I still admire lawyers because I think it is a noble profession. chia boon teck is one of the lawyers whom I think highly of. I first noticed him because he is always featured and interviewed in Singapore newspapers. Then, I visited his firm’s website ( and read about his experience and reported cases. What really impressed me was his clients’ feedback – these people are not paid to “advertise” for chia boon teck, and yet they say such good things about him and his firm.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Car That I Like

I really want to have a car. Either used one or new one doesn’t matter with me as long as it is convenient to use. I think I have to start saving money now to buy a car in the future. My goal is to have one in five years. Well, I’m not getting any younger and now is the time for me to enjoy life to the fullest. In the next five years, I will be more serious in life because I will have my own family and rising up kids is something that we have to give focus on. For now, my two most important goals are to have my own house and a car. Since car is cheaper than house, why not buy one? When it comes to car brand, I like Mitsubishi Evo. Mitsubishi is a Japanese brand and we know that Japan is popular for manufacturing vehicles and gadgets with high quality. Yay I’m excited to have a car!    

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Season

I want to shop early for the Christmas season. It’s just August but I don’t want to shop the day before the Christmas day because it is inconvenient. You would experience traffic jam, human traffic and other kinds of traffic, plus the fact that hold-uppers and pickpockets are just around the corner. However, if I see some Christmas sale offers in different malls, I would go ahead and grab it because I would be able to buy more gifts to give to my loved ones, relatives and friends. Everyone is happy during December and everybody seems rich because of food, money and gift flooding. In my case, I want to start my own savings, go ahead and open a bank account for my future. So, I don’t want my pocket turn empty this coming Christmas so I have to avail a loan. There is Loan For People With Bad Credit available now. This is a good news to people who really need to have money but afraid to borrow because of bad credit standing. Worry no more because this is the answer to your problem. I will actually take advantage to it before Christmas day come.         

Friday, 12 August 2011

Being a Plumber

My uncle has a plumbing business and my father manages it. Being a plumber is not easy because you have to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service. They also offer warranty so if ever something happens to their drainage, bathroom pipes etc., and my father’s staff would fix it for free. Being into that kind of business needs patience, dedication and excellent customer service. In return, customers give positive feedbacks concerning my father’s good job. As a result, more and more customers in our town call him and my uncle to ask for their plumbing services. I have cousin who lives in another province; he said that they are having some problems with their bathroom drainage because of poor plumbing service from another company. My cousin already complained to another company about that problem. He still called my father to fix their bathroom drainage.     

The customer is always right; that is the principle that many businesses applied in their service. That is the principle of Plumbing Tacoma. My uncle got inspired when he read their website. Plumbers Tacoma gives excellent customer service. Do not rely on plumbers that just eat up your budget but gives poor customer satisfaction.    

Friday, 5 August 2011

My Busy Mom

My mom and I

My mom is always busy, almost everyday doing household chores. She also has a small business in our place so she earns a reasonable amount everyday. Me and my sister usually come home every weekend and my mom is always busy preparing our foods and things at home. She makes sure that everything is ready when we arrive. She also washes our clothes regularly because she doesn’t want us to feel the inconvenience of washing clothes. She’s really a supermom. That is the reason why we always thank our mom for loving and taking care of us. Our mom is really the greatest person in our life. Because they are ready to give up everything just for our own good, why not give thanks to our mom? Why not give them a surprise gift? Me, because she likes collecting skin cosmetics, I will give her dermalogica day bright. My mom has already fair and smooth skin but it became fairer and smoother when she used dermalogica day bright. I’m pretty sure that she will be happier this time because I would give her dermatologica day bright again.  

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Say That You Love Me

The song Say That You Love Me is one of my favorite OPM songs. This is originally sung by Basil Valdes in the 80s. Several artists revived the song including Martin Nievera, Leah Salonga, Christian Bautista, Regine Velasquez and Kyla. Here is the lyrics of the song:  

 Say That You Love Me

My morning starts to shine
With teardrops in my eyes
And here I am alone starting to realize
That my days would be brighter
If I could learn to hide
The feeling that I have for you
Keeps haunting me inside

Then my days begin
With simple thoughts of you
Hoping that tomorrow will be me and you
Sharing dreams with each other
And making them come true
Holding one another, saying all I need is you

But will you say that you love me
And show me that you care
Say when I need you
You will always be there
But if you go and leave me
(Ooh) This I swear is true
My love will always be with you

Now my nights would end
With just one wish, that's you
To hold me in the dark
And help me make it through  

'Cause the pain that's inside me
Would simply melt away
If I had you here with me
And promise me you'd stay

But will you say that you love me
And show me that you care
Say when I need you
You will always be there
But if you go and leave me
(Ooh) This I swear is true
My love will always be with you

But will you say that you love me
And show me that you care
Say when I need you
You will always be there
But if you go and leave me
(Ooh) This I swear is true
My love will always be with you
My love will always
My love will always ooh, ooh
My love will always be with you

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My Allergic Rhinitis

I have allergic rhinitis and it strikes when the weather is hot and when I inhale dust, smoke and pollen. It’s hard to have allergic rhinitis because it affects my everyday life. This is one of the most common illnesses in the United States covering 20% of its population. A surprising 2/3 of all patients have symptoms of allergic rhinitis before they reach the age of 30. The symptoms occurs in the eyes of nose and occurs after exposure to pollen, dust, fiber (from cloth) and danders. 

We spend 7-10 (almost) hours of sleeping in bed. Pillows can be source of allergen because they of the fibers and they acquire dust. Since I suffer from allergic rhinitis, I don’t use ordinary pillows; instead, I use hypoallergenic pillows. This anti allergy pillows has great features. They are:

-anti microbial (no fungi or mold can grow)

-keeps out dust mites because it is fiber-proof ticking

-easy to wash and dry

-it has 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee-absolutely great!

I will also buy one for my sister because she always complain about her allergy. It’s good to take medicine when it strikes but prevention is better than cure.  

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Simple Neck Pain Can Be Threatening

We got breaking news online saying that former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will undergo to a risky surgery concerning her neck pain. As we know, the former president suffers from her damaged cervical spine with multi-level cervical spondylosis. This disease started last month when she was also rushed to the hospital due to a pinched nerve in her neck. Arroyo’s illness can lead to paralysis if not treated immediately. Let’s just pray that the surgery will have a good result.   

See, a simple neck pain can lead to paralysis if we will be delinquent in treating it. Many say that prevention is better than cure so it is better to prevent neck pain before it’s too late. Cervical spondylosis can be a result of wrong sitting and sleeping position. When you sleep, it’s better to consider your position. Of course, we may not know it because we are sleeping. If that is the case, it’s best to have neck pain pillows. I will actually buy one for myself and my parents. I will choose the the best pillows for neck pain. It’s hard to have illness nowadays because hospitalization is mush more expensive.  

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

He’s Not Getting Any Younger

My officemate and friend at the same time, is already twenty six years old and he is still single. He plans to get married at the age of thirty; He said that he is more stable at that time. If he is now twenty six, he will be thirty four years from now. I think that is the right age of finding someone who can be his life partner in the future. My friend is choosy when it comes to girls because he is so idealistic. He said that he wants a girl that is beautiful, sexy, loving, understanding and caring. He doesn’t like blind dating because he wants to know the woman better so I guess dating online would be perfect with him to know the woman better. One lunchbreak in the office, I found him surfing on the internet looking for different beautiful girls. He said that he is finding someone to that would fit his ideals hahaha! Well I guess dating would be perfect for him and the girl when he knows her well after frequent online communication.  

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Our Problem TV

Our Sharp TV is eleven years old and I guess it is time to change it. The screen of our TV is getting green I guess the green tint of its color is acting up more than the other red and blue tints. Look at the picture below to see the green screen o out TV.

We have 3 TVs at home, one is in my grandma’s bedroom, one is in my parents’ bedroom and this one is in the living room. We don’t want to buy another TV for the living room because this one is still working well aside from that green screen. I think we have to consult a TV technician to check it.  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mga Bagong Pera Pinepeke Na

Isa itong hindi magandang balita para sa ating lahat na ang mga bago nating pera at napepeke na kahit hindi pa man kumakalat sa Pilipinas. Kung matatatandaan natin noong isang taon lamang sinabi ng Bangko Sentral na hindi mahihirapang mapeke ang mga bagong pera dahil sa taglay nitong mga material na mahirap gayahin. Pero paano ito? Lahat na lang eh pwedeng mapeke, bweno abangan na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata.  

Drinking Calamansi Juice

I like calamansi juice especially the cold one. My mother used to prepare calamansi juice when I was a small kid, she said that drinking it can keep me strong and healthy. She also said that when she was pregnant (with me inside her tummy) she used to drink half liter of calamansi juice everyday hahaha! That made my teeth strong. Well, I am drinking hot calamansi juice while writing this post. Come on let’s drink.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Cousin As A High School Student

My cousin Giselle is a freshman student in a science high school in our province. Being in transition from elementary to high school is not like easy especially if you are in one of the best high schools in the country. Giselle seems to have academic culture shock because the teachers there are much stricter than in elementary school. They also receive more projects especially in science subjects for their experiments and activities. Every weekend she is busy doing her projects and she sometimes skips her meals which is not good. So to ease her burden in doing too much projects in the weekend, O recommended her to search for a website that can help doing those. There, she can get Project Ideas and Project Samples perfect for her studies. In addition, teachers usually give Final Year Projects and she doesn’t have to worry about that because in this age of computers, everything is readily available.   

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Monday, 11 July 2011

My Aunt Got Well

When my aunt arrived home from the hospital, she was welcomed by her relatives, friends and family. She was advised to have a bed rest for the meantime to fully recover. While she was on the recovery process, her son-in-law, who is a hospital worker, took care of her. He was supposed to go to London to practice his profession but while waiting for his visa, he looked after his mother-in-law. Because of his total medical care to my aunt, she got well and fully recovered after one week. From then on, I have realized that it is important to have a hospital worker in a family. All of us get sick and it is more convenient if there is a family member that you can rely on in our hard times. There are schools that offer phlebotomy certification california where you can enroll. Those phlebotomy schools california will sure give you more knowledge in hospital works that you can even use to serve your family.   

Problem With Viewing Videos

Watching music videos online is a great pastime especially if you like the songs. In my case, I download classical music videos, the ones that they call “oldies”. Well, don’t laugh at me but the truth is, I like oldies. I grew up with old songs like “Crazy”, “Sealed With A Kiss”, “Girl” and much more. Just like what I said, I download them and put in a folder with the filename “oldies but goodies”. My father and my mother usually ask me to play the videos that I downloaded every weekend so I have no choice but to follow them. One time, while trying to play a music video, I found out that the file was corrupted. Because I don’t want my parents to be disappointed, I downloaded dll4free. The dll download just took me few minutes then wola! My problem is solved.     

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ang Dating Ako

Tayong lahat ay may kanya kanyang papel sa mundo na ginagampanan subalit nasa atin na kung paano natin panghahawakan o gagamitin ang papel na iyon. Mayroon tayong iba ibang katauhan, ika nga ng isang kasabihan “We are all different”. Totoo ang kasabihan na ‘yon na tayong lahat ay magkakaiba. Subalit masasabi kong ako ang isang taong naging kakaiba kaysa sa iba. Masasabi kong kakaiba sa iba sapagkat hindi ako tulad ng mga pangkaraniwang tao pagdating sa pakikisalamuha, pakikitungo, pakikipag usap at pakikisama sa kapwa. Naging isa akong mahiyain, kimi at dungo (ang tawag sa Naic kapag sasabihin na wala kang mukha na humarap sa iba). Nagkaroon ako ng phobia sa ibang tao lalo na sa mga grupo. Pakiramdam ko noon ay hindi ako welcome sa kanila at nagkaroon ako ng tinatawag nating “inferiority complex”. Ang mda dahilan ng aking inferiority complex ay ang mga sumusunod:

1.         Pakiramdam na ako ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ng tao. Nag aral ako sa isang private school noong high school (sa pamamagitan lang ng scholarship) kaya karamihan ng mga kaklase ko ay may pera. Kahit sa isang state university ako nag aral noong college ay ako pa rin ang pinakamahirap (laging walang pera at hikahos).
2.         Hindi ako “in” sa lahat ng grupo. Dahil nga ako ang pinakamahirap, hindi ako “in” sa mga gala at “gigs” nila. Hindi rin ako mahilig gumala, makipagkita kung kani kanino, at makipag party (the one that I hate the most). Hindi ako “in” dahil hindi ako katulad nila na mahilig sa kalayawan (alak, sugal, babae).  Hindi ako “in” dahil lalong hindi ako malaswa at bastos. Hindi ako in “in” dahil hindi ako mahilig sa pakikipagrelasyon sa iba’t ibang mga babae sa tabi tabi.

3.        Pakiramdam na lagi akong pagtatawanan at mamaliitin ng mga tao. Dahil nga kakaiba ako sa kanila, may mga pagkakataon na pinagtatawanan ako. 

Bilang resulta, hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay maghapon, nagtatago rin ako sa kwarto kapag may dumarating na bisita sa bahay. Hindi ako sumasali sa mga extra-curricular activities sa school. Dahil sa nahihiya rin akong magparticipate sa mga school activities, nagging mababa ang mga grades ko. Apektado ng ganitong gawi ko ang buong buhay ko na mahirap din sa pakiramdam. Mahirap mabuhay sa kawalan ng tiwala sa sarili, kahihiyan o pagiging mahiyain at takot sa tao. 

Noon ding panahon na yon ay nalugmok sa problema ang aming pamilya. Nawalan ng trabaho ang tatay ko noong 1999 at ang nanay ko lang ang naghanapbuhay sa pamilya namin habang kaming dalawang magkapatid ay nag aaral; ako sa college at kapatid ko sa high school. Hindi nagging madali sa amin ang buhay dahil sa kitang 6, 000 piso kada buwan ay pinagkasya naming yon at lumubog kami sa utang. May isang pagkakataon na hindi ako nakapasok sa school dahil sa kawalan ng allowance. Nakatapos ako ng kolehiyo noong 2003 sa kursong Business Management pero nagging mahirap para sa akin makahanap ng trabaho na may mataas na sweldo kaya lugmok pa rin sa kahirapan. Noong nakahanap ako ng trabaho ay kulang pa rin ang kita. Hndi rin kami nkaahon sa utang. May pagkakataon pa nga na naging “suicidal” ako. 

Kadalasan mag isa ako sa trabaho, walang kasabay pumasok, kumain at0 umuwi. Hindi ako nakikisabay sa kahit anong grupo sa office namin. Noong nagtrabaho ako sa SM Dasmarinas noong 2004 ay hindi rin ako nagkaroon ng mga kaibigan. Madalas akong pumupunta sa corridor o hagdanan mag isa hangang matapos ang lunchbreak, doon lang ako babalik sa trabaho. Sa kabila n’yon ay sinikap ko na baguhin ang sarili ko para hind maging ganoon habangbuhay.   Itutuloy… (hahaha)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Problematic Me

After college graduation, I started to have many problems with getting the right job for me. I felt depressed and I belittled myself because I was having a hard time looking for a job. Some companies where I applied rejected me. I felt that the world was against me because it did not give me any favor. Then, I found something on the web about life coaching like life coach Santa Barbara. Positively, after one year, I got a nice job with a high salary. My lovelife also started to grow and my family became well because my father quit drinking alcohol.  

Friday, 24 June 2011

Five Years From Now

My goal five years from now is to have my own house and lot plus a car. I think it will complete my target for my timeframe which is five years. I am now starting to save money for a downpayment. I also like to have my own business to help me in paying those properties. Talking about my future house, I want it to be in a quiet place. There are many available subdivisions and housing communities in our town. I will go farther than that one subdivision that I like located in our town. It is near the beach with the breeze of fresh and cool air. In realtor La Quinta CA properties are more affordable so I have to find one like that.

Bicycling is a good exercise

I usually do bicycling every Saturday and Sunday. However because of the poor weather condition for almost a week now, I just stay at home. When I run a bicycle, it takes me almost one hour going back and forth. There are many rice fields located in our town so I just go there with my bicycle. That bicycle that I use is my father’s; I don’t have a bicycle of my own. Bicycling is my only exercise for now because I don’t have much time to do some activities that can make me physically fit. I work in the office on weekdays and I do my freelance job on weekends. Anyway, I am planning of buying a new bicycle because my father always uses his bike. I like those that are available in bike shop Temecula. I like the colors and forms. I would prefer a blue with silver combination.


Illness is a state of poor health. All living things are prone to sickness; plants, animals and human being. Common illnesses are cold, cough, flu, influenza, fever, headache, toothache, stomach ache and many more. In my case I have allergic rhinitis or hay fever. It is an allergic inflammation of nasal airways. Allergic rhinitis occurs when an allergen is inhaled by a person with a weak immune system. My doctor asked me to boost my immune system by doing exercise, taking balanced diet and enough sleep. Later on I discovered homeopathy; a science of boosting immune system to fight even acute diseases such as cancer, sever flu, intestinal diseases and much more. I will try homeopathy Santa Fe in the near future. Well we have to make sure of our good health.

My Grandmother’s Sickness

My grandma became sick last 2009. We sent her to different doctors but they cannot see any illness on my grandma. Despite of that, she insisted that she was sick, terminally ill. She also felt that she was about to die because of her age. She was 78 years old then. We decided to send her a psychologist; we made the right decision. My grandma’s illness was just psychological. The psychologist advised us what to do, how to treat the patient with that kind of problem and of course, the medicines that she should take. After one month, my grandma became well. We thanked the psychologist temecula. My grandma is now 82 and still strong.     

My Mother’s Depression

My mom experienced depression when I was in university. She had a big problem with my father because he was alcoholic that time. My mother lost her appetite and weight. Also, she was often angry and irritable everytime we spoke to her. It was difficult for us that our mother was like that. So, we talked to our father; we told him not to commit his past mistakes anymore. We made him realize the value of family in one’s life. I know that our father listened to us because he suddenly became good to us. Our plan was, if our mother will continue her depression, we will send her to psychologist like Depression Jacksonville Beach. They have the best psychologists there. However, my father apologized to her so they are happy again. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

I Had Appendicitis

When I was in high school, I experienced a series of stomach pain and vomit. We wondered about my disease and the doctor said that it was stomach ulcer. We asked for a second opinion and that other doctor said that my ailment was appendicitis. Though it was not that serious, he advised my parents to send me to the hospital for medical operation because my appendics was starting to be infected. The operation went smooth and my family heaved a sigh of relief. We thanked God that we were able to surpass that kind of trial. When I was confined in the hospital, I noticed some people in hospital uniform helping the doctors. My mom said that they are hospital technicians. For me, people who work in hospitals are noble. I can see their dedication in their job. When I was young I aspired to be a hospital worker. I want to be proud of myself. Many aspiring hospital workers attend phlebotomy training to get phlebotomist certification. They believe in themselves, in their capability to help others especially the  sick people.   

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Reminiscing while eating yummy snack

I got hungry while blogging earlier and since my mom has a store, I just got my snack from it. Suddenly, I noticed something that I am familiar with, it looks like zebzeb. Yeah it’s zebzeb yahooooooo! Zebzeb was a popular junkfood brand in the 80s, and since I am an 80s kid, I reminisce my childhood days with my mother who was also eating zebzeb with me. Mom said that I got indigestion when I was four years old while eating that because I ate those unpopped grains. For those who are not familiar with zebzeb, it is made of corn popped with cheese powder and shortenings. She said that she brought me to the doctor for some medications.

Another occasion was when our family was watching TV while eating zebzeb, I guess it was 15 years ago. While watching evening program while chatting with each other and eating zebzeb, my father suddenly choked. We were all panicky that time because we thought that our father would die (for lack of oxygen). My mom just hit him at the back of the head to remove the small portion of the corn from his throat whew! 

Enjoying free tastes in the mall

Everytime my girlfriend and myself go to the mall, our feet always drive us to the direction where free taste stalls are. We go to different stalls to try some products like foods, noodles, beverages, cookies and more. After we try eating the free foods and feel almost full, we don’t eat dinner at home anymore (hehehe wise decision). Well, they say that the best things in life are “free” hahaha, and I certainly agree with that. I suddenly think about people with testing jobs. Well, I guess they are lucky because their job is just to test new products and report to their manager, awesome! For me,Product Testing is the nicest job in the world and I want to have a job like that in the future.

Vegetarian pizza

I like vegetarian pizza. There is almost no difference between meat pizza and vegetarian pizza, they almost have the same taste. For vegetarians or vegans, they never allow themselves to eat pizza with meat. They strictly follow their dietary pattern and make themselves more disciplined. However, it is not good on their part not to taste delicious pizza in their whole life so, they thought of making vegetarian pizza. The veg pizza that you can see below is topped with dairy-free vegan cheese, cornmeal, bell pepper, red onions and portobello mushrooms.

There are restaurants for vegetarian people that serve vegetarian foods. My aunt who is a vegetarian just look for vegetarian restaurants San Diego to find the most delicious vegetarian foods.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Acidifying Drinks

I love coffee and softdrinks. I drink coffee 2 to 3 times a day and I drink softdrinks almost everyday. My day is not complete without drinking even a single cup of coffee. I start my morning with a cup in the office sometimes with pandesal. Later on, I experienced hyperacidity caused by regular drinking of coffee and softdrinks. My doctor advised me to minimize my intake of acidic drinks and drink plenty of water everyday. Here is the list of drinks that my doctor prohibited me to take.  

Acidifying Drinks
  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Hard Liquor
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Colas/ Sodas
  • Coffee
  • Soft Drinks
  • Fruit Juices
Since then, I thought of taking foods and drinks with alkaline to balance my acid-alkaline intake. I thought of buying alkaline water machine so that my everyday water intake will be my everyday alkaline intake as well.