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Monday, 19 September 2011

Giveaways for Christmas Day

It has been a tradition in the Philippines to give away some gifts during Christmas day. We usually give money, clothes, toys and foods as presents to our friends and relatives. For children we give cash, candies and toys.   In my case, I pack different kinds of candies and chocolates for the children especially for my godchildren. It’s fun to give something to someone during Christmas day because you can see the joy that you give them. However, I have just realized that I give some precious gifts to my relatives and friends on Christmas day. I just remembered that my sister is good in decorating things like boxes and baskets. Also, I will buy faberge to give away to my relatives and friends. Now, I have on my list to give away this Christmas; cash, decorated boxes and baskets, and Faberge eggs. Woohooo!!! I’m excited to give presents this Christmas.    

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Christmas Decorations for our House

Whoa! Christmas is near and I can’t wait for that so even if it’s September yet, my family will already buy Christmas decorations. It’s nice to see your house filled with sparkling lights and decorations because you can feel the season more. So, to be able to feel the Christmas season earlier that the usual, we will put decorations this week. In addition, our house is newly-renovated and my sister is excited to buy a big Christmas tree at the corner of the living room. It was also said in the news that it’s better to buy things for Christmas before December because it’s cheaper. I actually have  a list of what to buy this week.     

1.       Christmas lantern
2.       Christmas tree (to replace our 5-year old one)
3.       Christmas lights
4.       egg faberge

Wohoooo I think we are ready to shop. See you next time guys!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Elegant-looking Living Room

My cousin’s house is newly built. It was built last year when she sold her old house in Metro Manila. After that, she decided to destroy their old house here in Naic, Cavite then build a new and bigger one. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (there is one bathroom per bedroom). It is a 3-storey house that has service area at the top (it is actually a multi-purpose area) where they can hold a party or wash clothes LOL! However, since the house is so big and it is newly-built, it looks empty inside because of just few things that are displayed and equipped. It’s not a joke to buy furniture and appliances for a big house; you have to have a big amount of money when you do that. Since their living room cabinet is empty, my cousin plans to buy some figurines and Faberge eggs. There are faberge egg for sale in the mall available and she will buy some next month; perfect for their elegant-looking living room.      

Walking in the Mall

My girlfriend and I like walking in the mall to spend our free time. It is indeed one of our favorite “hobbies” because we can see different kinds of merchandise in wide variety. My girlfriend is addicted to window shopping. Once she sees any merchandise that concerns women, she will definitely scrutinize it for a while then transfer to another stall and scrutinize again. We can spend a total of 2 hours by just checking the merchandise and products that she likes. I have noticed that she check mostly the jewelleries. But when I asked her if she likes one, she says “no”. But when I asked her best friend what does her friend (my girlfriend) likes, she told me that it is a necklace. So, I’ve decided to buy her a necklace with faberge pendants. How do I know that it is faberge pendants that she likes? Well, I got to know it just by observing what she looks at. So, on her birthday (December 19) I’ll surely buy her one.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No One is Above the Law

This phrase “no one is above the law” seems like a cliché but indeed it is true that the law excuses no one. That is why I still believe that the laws in our country have teeth and will continue to bite and chew anyone, rich or poor, so long as they have breached the laws. When I was a child, my greatest dream was to become a lawyer. However, due to my family’s financial problems, I wasn’t able to study law. I still admire lawyers because I think it is a noble profession. chia boon teck is one of the lawyers whom I think highly of. I first noticed him because he is always featured and interviewed in Singapore newspapers. Then, I visited his firm’s website ( and read about his experience and reported cases. What really impressed me was his clients’ feedback – these people are not paid to “advertise” for chia boon teck, and yet they say such good things about him and his firm.