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Monday, 22 August 2011

The Car That I Like

I really want to have a car. Either used one or new one doesn’t matter with me as long as it is convenient to use. I think I have to start saving money now to buy a car in the future. My goal is to have one in five years. Well, I’m not getting any younger and now is the time for me to enjoy life to the fullest. In the next five years, I will be more serious in life because I will have my own family and rising up kids is something that we have to give focus on. For now, my two most important goals are to have my own house and a car. Since car is cheaper than house, why not buy one? When it comes to car brand, I like Mitsubishi Evo. Mitsubishi is a Japanese brand and we know that Japan is popular for manufacturing vehicles and gadgets with high quality. Yay I’m excited to have a car!    

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Season

I want to shop early for the Christmas season. It’s just August but I don’t want to shop the day before the Christmas day because it is inconvenient. You would experience traffic jam, human traffic and other kinds of traffic, plus the fact that hold-uppers and pickpockets are just around the corner. However, if I see some Christmas sale offers in different malls, I would go ahead and grab it because I would be able to buy more gifts to give to my loved ones, relatives and friends. Everyone is happy during December and everybody seems rich because of food, money and gift flooding. In my case, I want to start my own savings, go ahead and open a bank account for my future. So, I don’t want my pocket turn empty this coming Christmas so I have to avail a loan. There is Loan For People With Bad Credit available now. This is a good news to people who really need to have money but afraid to borrow because of bad credit standing. Worry no more because this is the answer to your problem. I will actually take advantage to it before Christmas day come.         

Friday, 12 August 2011

Being a Plumber

My uncle has a plumbing business and my father manages it. Being a plumber is not easy because you have to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service. They also offer warranty so if ever something happens to their drainage, bathroom pipes etc., and my father’s staff would fix it for free. Being into that kind of business needs patience, dedication and excellent customer service. In return, customers give positive feedbacks concerning my father’s good job. As a result, more and more customers in our town call him and my uncle to ask for their plumbing services. I have cousin who lives in another province; he said that they are having some problems with their bathroom drainage because of poor plumbing service from another company. My cousin already complained to another company about that problem. He still called my father to fix their bathroom drainage.     

The customer is always right; that is the principle that many businesses applied in their service. That is the principle of Plumbing Tacoma. My uncle got inspired when he read their website. Plumbers Tacoma gives excellent customer service. Do not rely on plumbers that just eat up your budget but gives poor customer satisfaction.    

Friday, 5 August 2011

My Busy Mom

My mom and I

My mom is always busy, almost everyday doing household chores. She also has a small business in our place so she earns a reasonable amount everyday. Me and my sister usually come home every weekend and my mom is always busy preparing our foods and things at home. She makes sure that everything is ready when we arrive. She also washes our clothes regularly because she doesn’t want us to feel the inconvenience of washing clothes. She’s really a supermom. That is the reason why we always thank our mom for loving and taking care of us. Our mom is really the greatest person in our life. Because they are ready to give up everything just for our own good, why not give thanks to our mom? Why not give them a surprise gift? Me, because she likes collecting skin cosmetics, I will give her dermalogica day bright. My mom has already fair and smooth skin but it became fairer and smoother when she used dermalogica day bright. I’m pretty sure that she will be happier this time because I would give her dermatologica day bright again.