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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No One is Above the Law

This phrase “no one is above the law” seems like a cliché but indeed it is true that the law excuses no one. That is why I still believe that the laws in our country have teeth and will continue to bite and chew anyone, rich or poor, so long as they have breached the laws. When I was a child, my greatest dream was to become a lawyer. However, due to my family’s financial problems, I wasn’t able to study law. I still admire lawyers because I think it is a noble profession. chia boon teck is one of the lawyers whom I think highly of. I first noticed him because he is always featured and interviewed in Singapore newspapers. Then, I visited his firm’s website ( and read about his experience and reported cases. What really impressed me was his clients’ feedback – these people are not paid to “advertise” for chia boon teck, and yet they say such good things about him and his firm.

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