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Monday, 19 September 2011

Christmas Decorations for our House

Whoa! Christmas is near and I can’t wait for that so even if it’s September yet, my family will already buy Christmas decorations. It’s nice to see your house filled with sparkling lights and decorations because you can feel the season more. So, to be able to feel the Christmas season earlier that the usual, we will put decorations this week. In addition, our house is newly-renovated and my sister is excited to buy a big Christmas tree at the corner of the living room. It was also said in the news that it’s better to buy things for Christmas before December because it’s cheaper. I actually have  a list of what to buy this week.     

1.       Christmas lantern
2.       Christmas tree (to replace our 5-year old one)
3.       Christmas lights
4.       egg faberge

Wohoooo I think we are ready to shop. See you next time guys!

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