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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Walking in the Mall

My girlfriend and I like walking in the mall to spend our free time. It is indeed one of our favorite “hobbies” because we can see different kinds of merchandise in wide variety. My girlfriend is addicted to window shopping. Once she sees any merchandise that concerns women, she will definitely scrutinize it for a while then transfer to another stall and scrutinize again. We can spend a total of 2 hours by just checking the merchandise and products that she likes. I have noticed that she check mostly the jewelleries. But when I asked her if she likes one, she says “no”. But when I asked her best friend what does her friend (my girlfriend) likes, she told me that it is a necklace. So, I’ve decided to buy her a necklace with faberge pendants. How do I know that it is faberge pendants that she likes? Well, I got to know it just by observing what she looks at. So, on her birthday (December 19) I’ll surely buy her one.

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