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Sunday, 9 October 2011


I recently had a toothache so I went to the Dentist for some treatment.  My dentist advised me to visit him twice a year for some teeth cleaning because there are certain dirt that cannot be removed completely by the stroke of your toothbrush. Experiencing toothache is not a joke, you have to endure it. When you have toothache, your ear, head and eyes are also painful. That is because of the nerve connecting those organs so if there is one organ that is painful, another organ near the painful one will follow. 

Talking about the time when the dentist extracted my decaying tooth, he had a hard time removing it. He told me that male’s teeth are so hard and the fact that I am tall makes the root of my teeth even long. Good thing my dentist was so patient; he treated me as a friend and not his plain patient. That is the attitude of every Dentist Olympia. Treating patients as their friend is one of the most important factors why they stay long in the dental industry. Not only that, their trusted name in the industry gives them a sense of fulfilment to serve the people.   

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