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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Successful Advertisement

When can you say that an advertisement is successful? We often attribute success of an advertisement to the monetary gains from the products or services that we advertised. It is true somewhat but money is the not only the gauging factor of a success in advertisement. For example, you have advertised your new website by posting its title and content in online classified listings; what you’ve done is successful if the web traffic in your site increase. Furthermore, if you post (endorse) your certain product in a social networking site, if your friends there inquire and buy your products then it is successful.

However, advertisement is one of the first steps in opening a business and the most risky one. You put a big percentage of your capital to advertisement but you are still not sure if your products or services will be patronized by people. Before going for a paid advertising, why not try free classified listings? This is not risky because it’s for free. Meaning, you can advertise for free! Goodluck!

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